Price list

Price list


in force since 01.05.2022


1 page = 1125 of characters including spaces 

Ordinary text:  45.00

Specialist text:  50.00



1 page = 1125 of characters including spaces

Ordinary text : 50.00

Specialist       : 55.00

Specialist translations are translations of medical, technical and legal texts – requiring additional substantive consultation.

Authentication with the stamp and signature of a sworn translator depends on the client’s needs and wishes (official document or not) and does not affect the translation price.


Authentification of a translation provided by Customer * : 50% of the base price

Preparation and certification of a copy of an English language document 50% of the base price.

Certification of an extra copy of a translation : 20% of the base price

Certification of a copy of a document in English: 30% of the base price

Translation of a handwritten text, text in small print or hard to read/damaged copy + 25% to the base price

Translation of a pdf text requiring edition (drawings, tables): 50% of the base price

* I will attest to the compliance of the provided translation with the source text on the condition  that the translation provided by the client meets the basic standards of linguistic and formal correctness (description of seals, signatures, etc.).


Prices in PLN

No.    Activity  Price  PLN
1 Registry office premarital protocol attendance   Rybnik Registry Office  100.00
2 Registry office premarital protocol attendance  away from Rybnik * 150.00
3 Registry office/Church wedding ceremony  within Rybnik 150.00
4 Registry office/Church wedding ceremony  away from Rybnik * 175.00
5 Notary office attendance – each hour started 100.00
6 Participation in the board meetings of the company – each hour started 100.00

* The price for each hour of the interpreter’s engagement from leaving the office

 (Rybnik, ul. Raciborska 39) to her return to Rybnik.